You don’t know the way to choose a golf club set for beginners! Find useful information in this article. There are two important things in playing golf, the first one; you need to have the suitable full golf clubs set. And the next thing, you should find a great trainer.

If you’re a newbie in playing golf, a good coach should recommend you to choose the best golf clubs for beginners. The golf set costs cheaper so buying a golf bag and golf clubs separately can be unreasonable and quite expensive. Here are tips to choose your right club set for newbies.

What does a full golf club set include?

  • Irons, putters, and hybrid clubs – mixed iron and woods
  • Wood-headed clubs

Your bag should have 14 golf clubs, ensure you have realized them right. You can find several sets on the market today, such as golf clubs sets for women, ladies, kids, junior, men, and others. There also have golf sets for the right or left handed.


Tips to select the suitable golf set

The cost

Consider your time and interest you’re willing to spend for playing golf, weekly, twice a month, or a year. When you plan obviously the time, it’s the main reason to choose the cost of balls and clubs. Experts say that having expensive first balls and sets is a bad idea. Also for golf balls, you try to expect the number of balls you’ll lose during the training period. Select more expensive golf balls after your skills and experience have been improved.

The price for a full set can range between hundreds and thousands of dollars, so you should calculate your budget before buying. Select wisely. Never buy the too expensive golf set since that will just waste your money. However, if your funds are enough to spend and you like all top clubs, just choose your favorite ones.

Which one is better – the second-hand or new golf set

All new clubs are good but they can burn the total in your pocket. The used set may be a bargain but it’s quite cautious. Before buying, check thoroughly all clubs in a set. If there are misplaced covers of the head or worn grips, just don’t choose them. Tell your worry with the seller. In some cases, your budget is quite low, you don’t ensure your enthusiasm of playing golf, or forget to play golf after a few times of games, you should choose the used clubs.

Following this guide, if you plan to buy the used set:

  • Try the product to make sure if the chosen one is suitable. During 14 days, you can return it.
  • If the product’s condition isn’t a high priority, it’s acceptable to ask a substantially discounted cost.

Which one is better – the graphite or steel set

New golf players should notify the shaft composition. The two popular variations are graphite or steel and shaft flex.

  • The graphite is lighter and supports the swing speed.
  • The steel is cheaper and more durable.

Seniors, women, or juniors will get more benefits from the softer flex with graphite shafts. Stronger and younger men are preferable the stiff shafts but many golf coaches recommend the golfers to use too stiff shafts.

Ask other golf players

It’s always good to receive the recommendation from your colleagues and friends who play golf. You can look at your sets, compare the prices and quality, or go to local golf stores and ask other players for reviews. No matter what brand of golf set you’ll buy, the proper golf clubs should fit your ability.

Training books and DVD

The last tip is watching training books and DVD. You can buy popular products to understand the golf clubs and their features to choose the fit ones. It’s worth to spend time for searching before making a payment.

After reading the useful guide above, you can be confident to choose the good club set now. Make sure that you know clearly about your budget and other wanted features before purchasing the club set. Moreover, you should take a good care of your equipment to make it last longer as well as keep the high-quality.