You’re certainly dreaming about your child for months: how he’ll look like, either his appearance will be similarly like your husband or he’ll be smart like you. However, the problem is if this is your first baby, you don’t know enough information about taking care of your newborn.

Then, this article provides you very helpful guide about taking care of your baby as well as yourself in those frustrating and exciting first weeks. If you want more details, visit the momdiscuss to get great knowledge and also share your ideas. Now, see the thing you need.

Before your child arrives

The meal preparation

Start cooking ahead of time and then free those meals, so when you feel hungry, you can simply pull the one and heat it. Casseroles, lasagna, or chili freeze actually well. Don’t cook for hours, only make two sets of the dish you would like to cook and leave the half part for another future meal.

It’s better that your pantry is stocked well with simple steps you can follow if suddenly your daytime becomes the nighttime since your child doesn’t sleep. You have already great things such as crackers, cereal, soup, and dried pasta, especially while you’re sleep-deprived.

Stockpile supplies

When you don’t live with a baby, if you would like anything such as toiletries, food, or clothing, you just need to enter the store at any moment you feel like they to restock. It’s never possible now!

When your child comes, you will go with your baby in the case you intend to go out. Since it’s silly to take 30 minutes or more for dressing your baby and storing diaper bags only to buy an item from the shop, you feel comfortable when stocking the items you may require.

The list below is some things you’ll need or don’t want to run out of:

  • Bottles and formula: if you’re not nursing, certainly you’ll want the formula, but in some cases you are, you may require it to supplement.
  • Diapers: You’ll go through from 8-12 pieces per day.
  • Wipes: There is always something to be wiped.
  • Toilet papers, tissues, paper towels, and other household paper products: Obviously they are needed for wiping.
  • Laundry detergent: Laundry is a necessary activity every day.
  • Bassinet blankets, sheets, or extra crib: Then you can make longer time among laundry loads.
  • Baby one-piece outfits or bodysuits: You can easily open and close them through all the diaper changes.
  • Acetaminophen: It’s safe for nursing and helps with the pains and aches of recovery.
  • Heavy-duty feminine napkins: There’s no fun with them, but they’re important in several first weeks.

When the baby comes

You’ll need someone to help feed your child once in a while

The fact is that newborns eat once every 3-4 hours and receiving the assistant can give you some time for the comfortable rest. It’s simpler that you are using the formula. Whoever you want to ask for the help, a visiting relative or your husband can feed the child when you would like to sleep or do something else.

If you’re nursing, it’s available to add some breast milk into the bottle or store it by freezing to use later. Although doctors often advise waiting some weeks when baby and mom are getting used to the breastfeeding rhythm before starting with a bottle, you can prevent the nipple confusion and support the milk production.

The nursing mother can find that it’s easiest to nurse instead of pumping – the milk is ready to use at the proper temperature, without stressful pumping or washing bottles – and other moms can start in other methods.

Ask for the help if you need it

It’s perfect that every mother receives the help from a baby nurse after leaving the hospital to start childcare at home. The fact, most moms are on their own with newborns, especially when dad need to go back for working right away. When you feel excessive caring for your baby, ask for the help from your relative or friend. When you feel sleep-deprived particularly or can’t remember exactly the last time bathing, taking a short nap or break time or shower is necessary.

It’s really difficult to care your first baby. However, you can achieve that goal if you get enough information. Take some time to research and follow reliable guides for the best care of your baby and yourself.