What is Mekong Delta and why would I go to that place?

Mekong Delta, also more locally called đồng bằng sông Cửu Long which literally means the 9 Dragon River Delta. Geographically, it is lies next to the Saigon in the west and is about 39 thousand square kilometers in length as it empties into the South China Sea. Mekong Delta is a long river that is home for thousands of species and it surrounded by rich rice fields, flower orchards, rich plantations of bananas, coconuts and fruit farms. It is the perfect place to go for a nature walk or nature tripping or simply just to get out of the modern world.

It is about two and a half hour away from My Tho city wich was a former naval base and now a busy urban center.

there are many travel agencies in Vietnam that offers tour packages and for foreigners it is a bit hard to find a good travel guide if you can’t speak their language. So it is always best to look for the best travel agencies or you may ask your hotel to recommend you to one. There are also many packages that you can choose from and those packages may range to different prices depending on where you are going and how many days and nights

Here is a sample of a one day travel package to tour the Mekong Delta. Here you will be going to the Cai be floating market and the Tan Phong island which are both popular tourist destinations.The tour will start at Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon city then going to Cai be. This is a day trip and is worth about $24 USD.


First you will go to the popular Cai Be floating market at Tien Giang. Here you will see huge crowd of buyers and sellers bargaining and selling their wholesale products such as fruits, vegetables, crops, meats, flowers and many more in very cheap prices. You can also find floating restaurants here that sells noodles, beers, soft drinks and other native food. There are also some who sells handcrafts, and many more that they sell to buyers and those buyers will take them to bigger cities in a more expensive price. Going in this place is a good idea to know more about the people and you can ask the guide where to find items that you may want to buy.

Then later on, you will go to Tan Phong Island for some sightseeing and relaxation.

So here is the sample schedule that you can find in a one day tour in Mekong Delta

At 7:15 in the morning, you will be picked up by the bus located at the central of the city to leave for Cai Be. Here your tour guide will then introduce you and give you some information about the locals in Mekong River and will explain to you the cultures and traditions in this part of the county.

At 8:30 in the morning, you will have a bus stop at Mekong. Here you can enjoy already the fresh air, landscapes and delicious food that this region has to offer.

8:45 is the next time that you will ride the bus heading to Cai Be and you will arrive at Cai Be dock at around 9 am. In Cai Be floating market where you will be cruising in the river, you will find hundreds of boats with poles where they hang their sample products. You can see mostly fresh fruits, crops and vegetables being sold. Cai Be floating market opens really early before sunrise and ends up at around 10 am.

Then you will be cruising to small villages that is next to the Tien river bank, here you will see local families that goes in to business with wines, rice, corn, bricks and coconuts

By 11:30 in the morning, you will then be taken to have lunch in the scenic Tan Phong Island. After a while, you can take a bicycle ride to tour around the village path where you can see many gardens rich in fruits like pomelo, rambutan, jackfruits, where you can pick and sample them too. Some also sells honey where you can also taste them. You may also talk to the local owners where you will enjoy their warm hospitality and smiles.

Afterwards, you can then be taken to ride a sampan or others call it tuk tuk which is rowed through the creeks to enjoy nature at its finest. You will also get to watch and listen to traditional folk music andd dances as it is performed mostly in orchard garden.

By 3 pm is the time to head back to Cai Be dock and ride the bus back to Saigon and you will be arriving back by 5 in the afternoon.

Oliver Ken, a traveler and writer for Asian journals and online sites. Loves to travel and posts lots of Asian cuisines on his twitter and Instagram account.