If you’re standing all day long for working, you certainly understand the importance of bearing your legs and feet, especially when you have to carry heavy things. There are various jobs requiring workers to walking all days such as the retail industry, security or emergency services.  To help you find the solution to prevent illness from the constant physical stress, proper shoes are released.

The arch support can provide the long term comfort and remove pain. Thus, the flat sole designs won’t be best shoes for standing all day. You need to ensure the midsole that is able to offer stress consuming arch support when shopping. Besides that, the stability and cushioning flexibility are other main features to consider.


The durability

It’s important to consider the quality footwear. You can find countless models available in the market today and trusting the durability levels may be tricky. The maximum stability and quality construction make sure that your feet still feel comfortable when you’re standing overtime.

The overall weight

If you have to be up on feet all day, steps will turn into miles quicker than you think. That is the reason the weight is another important component to consider. You should choose a shoe including both lightweight and comfortable features within neat edge materials.

The slip protection

Safety should be the priority consideration and so you need to notify slipping which is the most frequent problem on the feet all day. However, slip resistant footwear varies and depends on each manufacturer. Generally, the rubber outsoles are designed to the highest standards to offer a trustworthy grip.

The breathability

Another important factor is the breathable shoes for standing all day. The right ventilation on porous fabrics offers the air passage to carry moisture away from your feet in the vapor form. Since the internal sweat and moisture can cause health problems, you should choose the lightweight and breathable shoes.

The height

To get the adequate arch support, it’s better to choose the shoe with a minimum heel height of a quarter inch. That is the main key since the totally flat soles cause sore feet and tired legs when standing for a very long time. However, a too high heel shoe of two inches or higher can lead to putting more stress and weight on your toes. That will make you stand mostly unbearable after a short time.

Synthetic vs. Leather materials

Consider the weaknesses and strengths of each material when choosing the shoe for your requirements. Fabric blends and synthetic materials provide more lightweight feel and breathability while leather designs offer more comfort and are easier to keep clean. However, the leather can lead to chemicals touching your feet and fabrics can tear or rip if they contact sharp corners. Choose the footwear that you can keep clean easily and increase the lifespan so well.

The wide toe box

The biggest problems that people standing on feet all day have swollen feet and become tired. Many kinds of the pain are able to be treated easily by getting footwear with an extra little space in the toe box. Consider your toe position when you’re standing still, your toes tend to extend a little.

When you wear the shoes, ensure that you can twist the toes a little without problems. Notify that the feet can also swell up a little at the day end. Having the toes bunched together may not just be painful, but also can cause blackened toe nails at the day end. Certainly, that is an important component to think about. It’s not worth wearing shoes for uncomfortable feet, especially for your toe box.

The right shoes for your arches

It’s important to choose the fit footwear for your arches. Understand your arches and make a decision that helps to protect them. Look at the arches, if they are flat or low, then you roll inward on the steps, a neatly contoured midsole will be good treatments for any over pronation. Do the opposite if your aches are tall and high.

You may spend all day to choose the shoes to fit your personal tastes, but making a decision is simpler if you consider your overall heath and comfort as the priority. Buying the shoes with the most useful information possible is a wise investment. You’ll spend a little time and get your footwear including all most required considerations.