When you are becoming a mother, that means you are welcoming your lovely baby and also having a good preparation for yourself and him as well. Some basic things to keep you warm, comfortable, and healthy for years, such as coos, giggles, diapers, and more. Certainly, there are so many items to consider and it’s difficult for new parents to well prepare. However, the most consideration is taking a good care of your baby who less than 1 year old sleeps over 70% of the day. Thus, the place for your baby to sleep is the most important thing you should hold before welcoming him into your house.

In this article, we recommend you to use the best crib mattress as the healthy bed for your newborn. Firstly, you should know differences between several types and then decide which one fits your baby.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – SIDS

New mothers should learn about this syndrome to avoid the dangerous accidents for your baby. When it’s time for baby to sleep, we will lay him on his sides, swaddle with a comfortable blanket at the back, which ensures he sleep well in a good position without rolling over.

However, many new mothers don’t consider thoroughly about the mattress causing SIDS, such as the portable and chemical laden crib mattress.

The crib mattress

The typical crib mattress includes harmful chemicals such as antimony, phosphorus, and arsenic. Those substances are the good materials known as the fire retardants. However, before adding them into the mattresses, we have seldom heard about SIDS. After reviewing the differences between the portable units and non-organic ones, experts showed an extremely serious possibility.

After using the crib mattresses for a short time, the fire retardant materials respond to common household harmless fungi to release a dangerous chemical response. The compound react is more poisonous than the carbon monoxide.

While the nutrition, smoking, and sleep position are potential causes of SIDS, the non-organic crib mattress can release the serious poison for babies as well. Thus, new parents should consider carefully the crib mattresses for your babies to sleep.

The organic crib mattress

The fact is new mothers want the best for their babies either it’s the first time or the second time. Choosing organic items for your baby is a simple step to ensure his health right now as well as the future since the organically grown substance is suitable for the environment. This situation is the area your kids will pass along and grow in years.

Organic products are made of chemicals without any harmful substances which the typical portable and non-portable models include. The organic materials are 100% of the organic cotton. These units are good for nature and certainly the best option you can choose for your baby as well as your family.

Since the organic fabric doesn’t have any harmful materials that could lead to the potential issues relating to SIDS, you don’t worry about the baby’s health during the sleep time. Also, the newborn sleeps more than 70% of the day in his first year, laying his heads on the safest fabric is a great step to ensure his future health.

The 100% organic crib mattress

It’s quite tricky to choose the organic household items and organic baby items. In the online shop or local grocery store, you’ll find labels noting “organic” and “pure”. However, you should check if they are actually safe.

To print the certification on the product, manufacturers have to pass through the federal regulations with several requirements of the organic problems. In the organic baby mattress, there is the same process.

The material should come from the renewable resources including the soil and water conservation to make sure the health nature for the future. If your product has a label as 100% organic material by the federal law, you can believe its quality. It doesn’t include any harmful ingredients for your baby and environment.

Totally, when choosing baby crib mattress, you should find organic products labeled as 100% organic. Moreover, you need to check if it contains poison such as antimony, phosphorus, or arsenic. These simple tips will make sure that your chosen mattress is safe, clean, and ideal for your newborn.