E-Cigarette Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your e-cigarette will ensure both the safety of using the product, as well as the integrity of it. E-cigarettes, just like other electronics, will deteriorate over time, but keeping on top of your maintenance will give it a much longer life span. Here are our top tips for keeping your e-cig in tip top shape.

  1. E-Cigarette Maintenance

  2. How To Clean Your Atomizer
  3. Maintaining Your E-Cigarette Battery
  4. Maintaining Your E-Cigarette Atomizer
  5. Maintaining Your E-Cigarette Cartomizer

Don’t Let Your Eliquid Run Too Low

If you let your cigarette eliquid reach the level below the holes in the atomisers, it inhibit your atomiser from drawing enough eliquid. The outcome of this will be you getting a dry burn which is actually accompanied by a bad taste. Make sure the eliquid does not run too low by topping it up regularly. Also it is very important to prevent the overfill your clearomiser as the eliquid will go above the level of the centre tube which will flood your clearomiser.

Keep your battery terminal clean

Leaving your terminals dirty will affect performance or hinder the connection with the clearomiser. A cotton bud can be the ideal item for cleaning the terminal. It is also wise for you to clean the end of the clearomiser in the same way as the terminal. This is why sometimes you will think that the battery had gone bad but if you clean the terminals, it will surely start performing again.If again you light the cigarette and the battery doesn’t allow the passing of the charge, maybe the terminal may have gone inside. Using a toothpick (wooden one), pull it out a millimeter.If you are really desperate to smoke and the battery fails in making a connection, press the button and slow rotate the clearomiser on its thread until there is a fizzing noise. Be careful and never overtighten the clearomiser.

Proper storage of your electric cigarette

For proper storage, ensure the following:

  1. Make sure you store your electric cigarette in an upright position.This will prevent flooding the airspace.
  2. Always keep it far from direct sunlight.
  3. Never place it near higher temperatures.
  4. Store away from water.

Keep your clearomiser and the atomiser clean

For an effective performance of your electric cigarette, maintain your atomiser and clearomiser clean. Cleanliness will prolong the life of your atomizer. When cleaning, you: • Carefully remove the clearomiser from battery.

  • If your clearomiser can be dismanteled, separate the mouthpiece from the clearomiser.
  • Clean it using warm water.
  • Leave it for one full day for a better drying.

If you become more desperate of smoking, you can fasten the drying of the atomizer by putting it in rice. The rice sucks the moisture.

Keeping your mouthpiece clear

Sometimes you may wonder why there is a blockage of vapour form your cigarette. The most common cause is because dust and fluff have accumulated at the mouthpiece and caused the blockage. clean it by removing carefully the mouthpiece then blow some air in it and clear the dust. Another option is by using a tissue paper and twist it into the mouthpiece. This will remove the eliquid that is condensed there. You can also clean it using warm water.

Keep your electric cigarette in a case or on a lanyard

Newton demonstrated that everything in this world can’t go against gravity, including your electronic cigarette too. The electric cigarette can fall down and get lost or even get damaged. Avoid all this by ensuring that youalways keep your electric cigarette in a case for protection purposes. Another option is by tying it around your neck using a lanyard.If you are the type that always puts it in the pocket, ensure that it has reached the bottom of the pocket. this will prevent it from getting lost.

Don’t use all the charge in the batteries

Ensure always that the batteries never get used till the end. Always leave some charge in them. This will prolong the battery life. Another important tip is always keep your batteries away from high temperatures.

Don’t screw the clearomiser in too tightly

The danger in overtightening the clearomiser is that you can damage the connections. Just screw it firmly but not very tight while holding it in your hand. you can prevent the mis-threading of the cleaomiser by ensuring the anti clockwise screwing until a click sound is heard. If unscrewing the clearomiser from the battery becomes difficult, opt for a rubber grip and try unscrewing. Never use tools as the clearomiser is a delicate part and may also spoil the battery too.Always before doing this, you better check first at the clearomiser flow chart for guidance purposes and avoiding errors.

Change the atomizer and the coil regularly

After a period of using your electric cigarette, the coil gets consumed. It is advisable change it on a monthly basis. This will ensure your cigarette performs effectively. You can easily know that time for replacement had come when you get the feeling of a burnt taste or the gurgling noise when sucking.

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