The preferences and needs are different between all catchers basing on their playing levels and the amount of playing time. The players joining competitions during a year need the higher end equipment so that they won’t lose the game just because of the broken-down set.

Generally, the more expensive models are more energy consuming and lighter than the cheaper one. This is because the top products are made of the more lightweight materials. The less expensive gears are able to protect the catcher but they’re quite heavy to move quickly and easily. The best catcher’s gear for you should depend on your personal preferences.

When shopping for a youth catcher’s gear, the biggest problem is the children are growing. Catchers always require the fit set in every game to avoid exposing the body and getting the injury. Over-sized pads are slow down the movements such as running or throwing balls. The solution is matching the brands and sizes together to create the complete fit.

Catcher’s Helmet Fitting Guide

The best helmet for catchers must be comfortable and match the user’s head completely. During a game, the mask is frequently put on and taken off so you will need a mask that can bear the abuse.

Another thing to consider is choosing styles: the typical mask or hockey helmet.

1. Traditional helmets

– The traditional type includes the backward earless design and is the preferable choice for the more skillful players since they offer the better vision and are very simple to toss off.

– This helmet includes three straps. You’ll use the top to adjust the placement on your face. The side straps offer the tightness. All straps are installed to the harness to grip well on the helmet.  

2. Hockey helmets

– The hockey helmet provides the most comfort and protection for catchers.

– This design provides the same adjustment straps as the traditional model does. However, you can get the extra feature of controlling the chin pad forward and backward, higher and lower to boost the individual fit.

Both styles are adjustable to fit perfectly the head shape of the user.

Chest Protector Fitting Guide

The chest protector provides the safety for the stomach, collar bone, ribs, and heart. There are a few differences between the baseball and softball chest protectors.

– The softball gears include the break for the chest part so that it can better fit the woman’s body.

– Another thing is the softball protectors don’t have a removal groin protector while the baseball gears include the one.

The groin protector is necessary for youth leagues but it’s not important in adult leagues. Also, the high school and professional baseball catchers don’t require the groin protector.

Leg Guards Fitting Guide

The leg guards protect the catcher’s knee from frequently scraping any time they prevent the low pitch closely to the ground. The materials are heavier plastic to increase the energy consuming of the pads and make the protection greater. The extra purposes are covering up to the high knee and save the lower thigh.

The professional needs the option withstanding much abuse and the padding offering the knee cup. Every brand has the own design and so you can find the unique knee pad. If you play all year long, you should choose the high-quality leg guard to gain the best protection and comfort.


1. Knee saver

It’s an item to protect the knees from pains and aches. You can install it to the back straps of your leg guards. It’s helpful for both experienced players and youth players in problems relating the knee areas.

2. Throat protector

It’s a bar of plastic attaching to the lowest point of the mask with a shoestring, the Velcro, clips, or snaps. You should loosely hang it to easily turn the head without affecting the chin protector.

Finally, if you’re a new catcher, you can consider the lower price with high-quality gear for practicing and the less competitive games. For those who frequently play the leagues during a year, the more expensive equipment will be perfect since it’s safer, more durable, and comfortable to wear. Ensure that your selection provides the most protection and comfort for yourself.